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There are 3 categories in the rank system, enlisted members being the lowest, warrant officers being higher than enlisted members and commissioned officers being above all.

Within each category there are ranks, for enlisted members the lowest rank is Private and the highest rank is Sergeant Major of the Army.

I tried readjustment of the collar multiple times but could not get the leads to contact the skin very well. The instructions explained to shave part of the dogs neck if the hair was too long, but I think that's unacceptable given show dogs like mine would not look very good with a chunk of hair missing. We bought them all this collar and cried the first time one of them barked and got the little shock.

But now after a few weeks we have a nice quite house.

He's had basically two affairs in the first five seasons," he says.

The higher rank the officer is the more authority and responsibility the officer has.Rank insignia arent only worn by military personnel, they can be worn for style and clothing accessory purposes.The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the current combat uniform worn by the United States Army.Each rank is denoted with a different insignia identifying ones rank and if they are superior or inferior to other military personnel.Rank insignia are usually worn on hats, on the shoulder of uniforms or around the waist and chest.