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There is debate about usage of this term, especially amongst Hmong living in the West, as it is believed by some to be derogatory, although Hmong living in China still call themselves by this name.Tentative agenda: (on stage)08h30 – 09h00: Opening 09h00 – 10h00: Debate contest: “Civilized or Not?at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento and here presents a broad overview of Hmong traditions, covering subjects such as wedding rites, funeral customs, superstitious taboos, and the extension of Hmong culture into politics and the arts.Chinese scholars have recorded contact with the Miao as early as the 3rd century BCE, and wrote of them that they were a proud and independent people.However, after the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty attempted to impose several new taxation systems and continued expansion of their empire, the Hmong are reported to have rebelled.