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Callaghan developed the play at the Center Theatre Group's Writers' Workshop, and it premiered last fall in Washington, D. The result at the Douglas is a mixed bag, full of wild and unexpected ingredients that are sometimes delicious, sometimes gross and often a combination of the two. This salad might make you laugh harder than any you’ve eaten, but bite carefully. But it's likely that those lucky enough to have been in attendance at Royce Hall on Saturday night for Mac's "24-Decade History of Popular Music: The 20th Century Abridged" will have...(Charles Mc Nulty)Two of Callaghan’s previous plays have premiered here in Southern California: “Everything You Touch” at Theatre @ Boston Court in Pasadena in 2014, and “Bed,” currently running at Echo Theater Company in L. Fans have familiarized themselves with her raffish sensibility and lacerating insights into how our culture portrays women.

Dressed to impress: The petite blonde, who stars in the lead role of Jennifer Doyle in the sitcom, showed off her svelte figure in a tight black sequinned skirt and charcoal sleeveless top with black detail on the sides, paired with funky black stilettos featuring silver studded design and lace-up sides Opposites attract: The three women displayed their very different styles, with Missi opting for a pretty midnight blue lace mini-dress and Nora choosing a bright red knee-length wrap dress as they posed in front of the stunning New York skyline One big happy family!

Not only does Huff Post TV have Maggie Furlong's a hilarious interview with "Happy Endings" MVP Casey Wilson to whet your appetite, we also caught up with James Van Der Beek, who plays himself, Dreama Walker (June) and executive producer Nahnatchka Khan of "Apartment 23" to find out more about what's in store for our favorite gang of apartment-dwelling lunatics in Season 2.

"She finally makes it back, so once she gets in, it’s like, ‘How do I manage this for the first time? She’s dating a lot of guys in the city and moving on past her fiancé, and we have sort of a percolating thing with one of the main characters that we’re gonna start to tease out." Walker was happy to reveal the identity of said percolating suitor -- her coffee shop boss, Mark: "Mark [Eric André] is really moving in.

Read on for the interview and some more photos from their show that night! Nora: It’s a lot more eclectic as an album, there are a lot more instruments being used, and the parts have multiplied. There was a girl playing the sitar, and I’d never really seen anybody really shred on a sitar, much less a beautiful gypsy girl, and I gave her all my euros. Nora: We’ve spent the last 6 years, more time with these people than anyone else…you’re bound to have your moments but at the end of the day we all love each other and that’s a pretty special thing to have as adults, to have a group of people like that that you actually consider family.

There’s lots of meandering, interweaving parts on a lot of the songs. Jade: My dad still to this day sells vintage guitars, and when I was 8 he had a vintage clothing and guitar store, so growing up my biggest treat was to go to thrift stores and dig around.