Signs your dating mr right

If he doesn’t seem to “get” you or laugh at your jokes, he likely doesn’t have an awesome sense of humor like you do, or his sense of humor does not align with yours.

He will do things to make you feel secure and excited about the future. If he asks you to do something and you say no, the right man will respect your decision.

It doesn't necessarily mean that he has to take your advice, but considering what you think about certain situations shows that he sees you as intelligent, capable, and wise. We all know by now that expecting a man to make us happy is a dead-end street, and that we have to create our own happiness.

But having a man around who offers support and compassion when you are down can really make a difference and make the bumps of life seem less bumpy. Your game changer guy will go out of his way to let you know you are appreciated, adored, and wanted.

If you need any further proof that you have met the man for you, then read these 10 signs that you really have found your Mr Right. He makes you feel wanted Mr Right will tell you how much he loves you, over and over again.

He will make you feel special, important and appreciated, and he will show you how much he cares by all the nice things that he does for you. He will tell you everything The man that is right for you will feel so comfortable in your company that he will tell you anything about himself that you want to hear.

Signs your dating mr right