Who is jane seymour dating

TVGuide.com: Between Wedding Crashers, this, and your appearance on earlier this season, you seem to have entered this "I am older woman, hear me roar" stage of your career.

Seymour: Yes, and I have a film coming out in April, Blind Dating, which you'll like, too.

So I exercise and I try to maintain it to the best of my ability on the understanding that, ultimately, the warranty will run out. So I'm raising my children in exactly the same way because I found a lot of my friends—a lot of people I know who were raised strictly in one doctrine—find themselves becoming lapsed, they went against it. I think a lot of the things that are spoken about in churches, we just do around the dining room table.

I want my children to want it and seek it and live it because it's their choice, because they found it. I think that's actually one of the things that I always loved about "Dr.

In the papers, Jane requests joint legal and physical custody.

citing irreconcilable differences.62-year-old Jane and 65-year-old James have been married for more than 20-years and have 17-year-old twin boys.

TVGuide.com: In what ways, if any, is Donna unlike your Wedding Crashers man-eater? In fact, they're going to put it on the cast T-shirt.

A corner of the room, as it were, was my vantage point, and when I looked up I saw a white light. There was so much I want to do with my life and that I would not waste a moment in doing whatever I could do to contribute somehow to the world and to raise my children. And so, I was blessed and given the opportunity to live.

You don't have a panic attack about it, you have a panic attack before, and everyone around you has a panic attack, but, no, you just go to a very serene place. It's something outside of our bodies, something that you can't touch or feel. [Afterwards] I looked at my body and went, okay, you're a car and you need to be taken care of. I think a lot of people are so worried about the future that they close their hearts off, and they're so angry about the past or sad about the past, about it not being their present, that they miss out on what life is. If we have the opportunity to go to another faith and see what they do, we encourage it. My parents raised us to learn about all religions and then choose for ourselves. We talk about what's going on in current events and what's going on in their friends' lives and what's going on in their lives.

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